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Development Project

SEM Management Tool

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Nicolas Capra
Nicolas Capra
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    Charter Communications

SEM Management Tool

48 %
Initial Unmonetizable Spend
20 $MM
Reduction in Ad Spend
1000 +
Managed Ad Campaigns
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    Fortune 500

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In order to save our client millions of dollars per year on advertising spending, we created a tool to automatically update exclusion lists within linked Ad Platforms to remove geographic locations where supply did not exist. Previously, all locations were included, and ads were purchased for areas without supply, leading to a poor customer experience and wasted ad spend.

The initial challenge included over $200MM of SEM Advertising spend across two ad platforms, with 48% of this spend being unmonetizable due to limitations in supply.

The solution created was near-real-time utilizing a cloud-native architecture and included robust monitoring and alerting capabilities to ensure application stability.

The result was over a $20MM reduction in ad spend through one of the ad platforms, and a 40% reduction in unmonetizable leads. This was across over 1000 managed ad campaigns in the ad platform.

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